The St. Bernard Barrel


What is the St. Bernard Barrel used for?

Well, as the stories go, the Saint Bernard barrels were used high up in the alps to rescue those that had fallen while traveling through the mountains. They would fill the barrel full of whiskey and they would use it to help revive someone who was suffering from the cold. I suppose in theory, the whiskey would WARM YOU UP! However, if you’re suffering from frostbite, I don’t think the whiskey will do much to save you……but hey it’s worth a “shot” right????

In this day and age, the barrels are more of a fashion statement for us proud St. Bernard owners than anything. I bought mine at This Website and they’re unique in the fact that you can have your Saint Bernard’s name, or any other slogan you like for that matter, engraved right into the barrel, not to mention of all the barrels I’ve seen, these are definitely high quality. No leaks when I put liquid into it. They come with a nice glossy finish on the wood. I’m telling you, these kegs are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

 So why should I buy one?

Not only will you have the coolest Saint in town, but if you happen to be a whiskey connoisseur such as myself, you can actually age your whiskey right in the barrel to really give it that awesome bourbon flavor. Nothing like giving your whiskey a unique twist!!! I highly recommend everyone to give this a go!!!

  Are Saint Bernard Kegs only for Saint Bernard’s?

 Absolutely not!!! With multiple barrel size options and collar size choices, you can literally get a barrel for any size dog. Even let’s saaaaaaay A DACHSHUND for instance. You can get a mini barrel that will clip right onto the collar, and what a beautiful photo that would make with you small breed dog standing next to your Saint Bernard proudly showing off its barrel!!!

Now, with all that being said, the holiday season is right around the corner! What in the world are you waiting for??? Check out and get one today! What a great gift idea one of these would make for virtually any of your friends or family members!!! I ordered one last year  for my parents and they absolutely loved it for their Bernese Mountain Dog, Hank!!!! So don’t wait!!! GET YOURS TODAY!!!






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