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“You will never find a more loyal bartender than your dog…”\


The st bernard barrel keg that holds whiskey

Real Saint Bernard Keg

They are the exact same barrels that St. Bernards wore long ago in the Swiss Alps to rescue people. This fashion statement is no longer just for the Saint Bernard. We sell barrels for ALL SIZE dogs! Now all dog lovers can enjoy the pleasures of the Classic St. Bernard Keg!


St Bernard Keg Mountain Dog

Origin of the Barrel

It’s said that that a young lad by the name of Edwin Landseer, a 17 year old painter circa 1820 England, created a painting known as “Alpine Mastiffs Reanimating a Distressed Traveler”. The painting shows a couple of Saints standing over and licking a man who had fallen in the snow. The dog on the left happened to have a barrel around its neck which was said to have contained brandy inside.

Modern science will tell us that if you’re suffering from the symptoms of hypothermia, maaaaaaybe brandy wouldn’t be

the best thing you could do for your body at that point, as it would basically thin your blood and cause your body temperature to drop even more. You’d feel pretty darn warm though!

All in all, the St. Bernard Kegs we see today are more for fashion than history. And why not?!?!? They look amazing around the necks of these gentle giants we call St. Bernards! For more information on Saint Bernards, click here.

About Your Saint Bernard Barrel

Your St. Bernard barrel will stay in fine condition for years. These Dog Collar Barrels are designed to withstand the tests of time! Our high quality White oak with Premium hoops are exactly what you’ve been seeking in your Barrel for your Saint Bernard or other large breed! If you’re looking to be the life of the party, try one of these out! They’re sure to bring out the pleasure in any situation! They look amazing, and they ACTUALLY WORK! Just know that once it is filled with liquid for the first time, it must remain filled with liquids at all times in order to maintain the curing process so that your barrel does not fall apart. They can be rinsed out with water prior to holding alcohol in order to clean the barrel properly. We also offer a cleaning kit here on our website. Read more about Saint Bernard Barrel Maintenance.

Pour spirits from your Saint Bernard Keg

Holds Spirits

Just like a real distillery barrel, these hold liquid. Age or Flavor your own wine, beer or liquor.

Wood Engraved

Beautiful Dog Keg Barrels With Custom Engraving Made From The Highest Quality White Oak

Adjustable Collars

We offer adjustable collars with our barrels, plus multiple barrel sizes for smaller dog breeds.

Wedding Wine Barrel Keg


Don’t forget to check out our all new Wedding Barrels & Decor section by clicking the link. We’ve got just what you need to make sure your wedding day goes down in history! From card holder barrels to actual wine barrels, to chalk board painted wedding barrel heads, we’ve got it all. We’re adding items daily so check back often!!!

A Saint bernard dog with a barrel of brandy around his neck.

Need a Saint Bernard or Wedding Barrel?

Get your BEAUTIFUL Dog Collar Keg or Wedding Barrel Decor Today!!! Our Kegs are guaranteed to be the highest quality you’ll find! They’re fully functional in every way, just like the ones from the Swiss Alps! You can never go wrong with one of our casks! We have a wide variety of items to choose from whether you’re looking for wedding gifts & decor, man cave signs or the Classic St. Bernard Barrel! With new items added every day, you’re sure to find something you’ll love!

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Look at this BEAUTIFUL Sleigh Bell Keg!!! To get one for your Saint Bernard or other large breed dog, visit our sister site Saint Bernard Keg and get yours today!!! They have the most wonderful jingle to them and sure to bring joy to your heart as your dog approaches you! Throw a pair of antlers on your Saint and you’ve got yourself a reindeer! Be sure to place your order soon though! Christmas time gets very busy for all the little elves Booze For Bones & Saint Bernard Keg!

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